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Welcome! I’m Rosalyn, a Registered Clinical Counsellor practicing in West Kelowna, British Columbia. My virtual practice, Bloom Therapy, provides individual counselling to mothers (and their partners) residing in British Columbia. Treatment is available from pre-conception, through fertility, loss, pregnancy, birth, the postpartum year, and into early parenthood.


Modern-day motherhood is often painted as a beautiful and purely joyous season of life; this myth can leave both mothers and fathers vulnerable to the unexpected events, uncertainty, stress and worry that can occur along the path to and through parenthood. The truth? Parenthood is comprised of both magical moments and challenging hiccups; parental support is essential.

I have completed advanced clinical training in assessing and treating perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. These illnesses include: prenatal depression and anxiety, postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety and panic disorder, perinatal post-traumatic stress disorder, prenatal and postpartum obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorders, and perinatal psychosis. Symptoms of these illnesses may be experienced without meeting the criteria for a formal diagnosis; any level of concern, worry, or emotional distress deserves support. Other presenting issues may include pregnancy and postpartum adjustment, role transitions, relationship challenges, loss/grief, uncertainty around stepping back into work, coping with stressors, identifying support needs, and wondering if how you are feeling is “normal.”

It is so important to share that a diagnosis is not needed to seek support. By engaging in therapy as you prepare for pregnancy (or during pregnancy) we are provided with an opportunity to screen and assess for factors which may indicate an increased risk for developing a mental health issue during or after pregnancy. By implementing measures to support your wellness during the prenatal and postpartum periods, the chance of occurrence and/or the severity of an illness can be reduced. When perinatal mood and anxiety disorders do occur, these illnesses are temporary and treatable.

As a therapist, I consider it a privilege to hold space for you and your story – as it continues to unfold. I invite you to think the old and timeless saying: “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” I don’t believe that there is anything more valuable to you (or your family) than engaging in the process of filling up your own cup. I invite you to view the "treatment" section of my website for a glimpse into the therapy process.

I offer a collaborative and holistic approach to treatment honoring each client’s personal beliefs, unique values, and intentions for therapy. I believe that the relationship between a client and their therapist acts as the “heart” of therapy; therefore I offer a free fifteen minute telephone consultation to talk in more detail and see if you wish to work with me. I am able to make referrals to other resources and practitioners if we determine that I may not be the right fit for you. Please phone or e-mail to book your free fifteen minute consultation!


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