Catherine Mellinger EXAT, CC-PMH

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As an Expressive Arts Therapist (EXAT) and Perinatal Mental Health Therapist (CC-PMH) I work with both individuals in private sessions and facilitate expressive arts therapy groups  within community through nonprofit organizations. My practice is based in frameworks that are trauma-informed, anti-racist, anti-oppressive and anti-ableist. I also use principles of feminist therapy, including societal impact of self-identity on each client's story and includes resource building and supporting/advocating for clients in community when needed. I mainly work with adults and youth.

Since 2019 I have specialized in working with folx who are struggling in their Perinatal Mental Health journeys, supporting all birthing and non-birthing parents/caregivers. This includes supporting folx undergoing fertility treatments, abortion, pregnancy loss, reproductive trauma, birth trauma, past sexual trauma, pregnancy, systemic discrimination, obstetric violence and all stages of the postpartum period. This can also include supporting clients through surrogacy, adoption and fostering, as well as parents who are caring for children with disability or who live with disability themselves. I work with gender queer, gender non-conforming, non-binary, trans, inter-sex parents, as well as cis hetero parents - birthing, non-birthing and partners. I continue to engage in learning centred in anti-black racism and cultural humility in order to support indigenous clients and clients of the global majority. I have experience in working with clients who have Family and Children Services involvement. I can offer services in english and french, and can work with language interpreters when needed. I also offer referrals to clients who want to work with someone who shares their lived experience specifically.

In 2021 I co-founded Together: For Perinatal Mental Health Waterloo Region with my colleague Lisette Weber, to increase access to and education of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders in our region.


44 Gaukel, 44, Gaukel Street, Downtown, Kitchener, Region of Waterloo, Ontario, N2G 4P3, Canada

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