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New Heights Occupational Therapy and Wellness provides therapy and nonjudgmental support to anyone suffering with a Perinatal Mood or Anxiety Disorder, pregnancy loss, or Birth Trauma. From a combination of my personal and professional experience with these challenges, I offer a compassionate space for you to connect back to yourself, your values, and feel well again. Transitioning into motherhood is a developmental process (likened to adolescence) and requires a lot of support! I am trained in Mom Parts (based on IFS approach), CBT, mindfulness, and have Advanced Perinatal Mental Health Psychotherapy training through Postpartum Support International.

My background in maternal mental health and pediatrics is unique; I love that I can support both the mother and baby. I provide assessment and treatment of breastfeeding, bottle feeding, extreme picky eating, and developmental challenges. I provide in-home, virtual, and in-office appointments.

I also offer group classes for new moms called Mom and Baby Wellness in which the focus is on mom's wellness.


740 4th Ave S, Lethbridge, AB

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