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Meet Pam and Elisa, Sleep and Parenting Coaches, Early Childhood Educators, best friends and most importantly, moms. All of our programs can be done virtually world wide as well as in person within the North Bay and Ottawa (Ontario) areas.

With over 20 years of experience working hands on with parents and children, various trainings and education; Restful Parenting has created a program that is emotional based, responsive, flexible and works based off of the individual baby or child and their family.

Sleep is a skill that will last a lifetime and giving our children the tools needed to learn, creates healthy sleep habits. These immeasurable benefits of great sleep allow them to learn at their very best in this most important time of development.

*If you are in Ontario and have benefits for social worker, your program could be covered through insurance.

We'd love to chat and offer free 15 minute phone calls. Don't hesitate to reach out.. imagine all the great sleep you could be having in a short amount of time!



Ottawa, Eastern Ontario, Ontario, Canada

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