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Motherhood requires a village, however, the pathway to it and the journey itself can often feel lonely, overwhelming, and not as you expected. Common areas of concern can include:

  • Postpartum depression and anxiety

  • Fertility issues

  • Miscarriage and infant loss

  • Relationship and family adjustment

  • Feelings of anger, shame, or failure

  • Identity and role changes

Hi, I’m Shannon. I am a Registered Social Worker in the province of Ontario with over 10 years of clinical counselling experience. I'm also a Mom myself and understand first hand the challenges that it brings. As a mental health therapist, I use various evidence-based therapeutic approaches to help you thrive and meet your goals. I pride myself on creating a safe, warm environment that is inclusive and trauma-informed so that you feel comfortable and at ease. Services offered in Ottawa and virtually across Ontario.


6505, Jeanne-d'Arc Boulevard North, Tudor Gate, Orléans, Orléans-Ouest-Innes, Ottawa, Est de l'Ontario, Ontario, K1C 3E9, Canada

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